Au Ghana, lueur d'espoir chez les producteurs de cacao | TV5MONDE Afrique

Kwame a du abandonner sa plantation de cacao pour aller travailler à Accra. Mais quand le gouvernement du Ghana a annoncé exiger un prix minimum d'achat des fèves de cacao sur les marchés la semaine dernière, il s'est pris à rêver d'un retour à la terre.

Ghana Launches Malaria Vaccine for Children

Children in Ghana are starting to get a new vaccine designed to stop malaria. Ghana is the second African country to get the vaccine, which is expected to reduce cases of the mosquito-borne and sometimes fatal disease.

Abductions May Be Rising in Ghana

Ghana's police are searching for two Canadian citizens kidnapped Tuesday from the West Africa country's second-biggest city, Kumasi. The incident has added to a spate of other kidnappings, which police and security analysts say is a new trend. The Canadians, 19- and 20-year-old charity volunteers, have not been named.

Ghana journalists fear 'rule of jungle' after attacks

Ghana's reputation as a beacon of media freedom in an otherwise turbulent region has come under threat following a spate of attacks on journalists. Earlier this month, reporter Raissa Sambou was rushed to hospital after allegedly being assaulted by police in the capital Accra. This came just two

Slain Ghanaian journalist hailed as 'national hero' at funeral

Ghanaian journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale, who helped expose corruption in African football, was hailed a "national hero" on Friday, as his friends and family gathered for his funeral. Among those attending was Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the head of Tiger Eye productions, who led the corruption investigation

Child marriage costs countries billions in lost earnings: World Bank

AFP 06/12/2018 Stacey KNOTT Respect Ruvimbo Topodzi was 15 and walking home from school in her native Zimbabwe when a 22-year-old man asked her out. She turned him down but it was too late. Her father saw them and assumed they were already together.

Crop-eating pest could hit Africa food supplies: experts

Unpredictable weather patterns and the spread of crop-destroying fall armyworm caterpillars could lead to "no food at all" for communities across Africa, experts have warned. The caterpillars, which were discovered in Africa in 2016 and are believed to have come from South America, have now

Ghana's maritime boundary victory to spark oil bounty

Thanks to efforts by successive governments and conquering lawyers at the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) over a disputed maritime boundary with Ivory Coast which resulted in a ruling in Ghana's favour, the money will soon will be pouring in.

Accra waterfront development leaves artists fearful

Yussif Ayibesa stands in front of the ramshackle Centre for National Culture that backs on to the seafront in Ghana's capital, Accra, trying to encourage visitors to come in. The craftsman has been selling drums, paintings and woodwork at the centre since 2004. He's a relative newcomer: others have been there for more than 30 years.

Ahead of funeral, Ghanaians bid farewell to Kofi Annan

A steady stream of mourners on Tuesday paid their respects to the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan as he lay in state in the capital of his native Ghana. The diplomat's body was flown back from Switzerland on Monday ahead of a state funeral and private burial in Accra on Thursday.

Ghana national cathedral plan sparks unholy row

Ghana may be one of the most religious countries in the world, despite being constitutionally secular, but a project to build a new national cathedral has not met universal approval. Plans for the building, designed by the Ghanaian-British architect David Adjaye and to be located on some six hectares near Accra's parliament, were unveiled earlier this year.

Melania Trump kicks off Africa tour in Ghana

CAIRO - 3 October 2018: The US First Lady on Tuesday pulled faces at babies and handed out teddy bears as she kicked off her maiden solo trip to Africa, offering a softer side to the Trump administration after another turbulent week in Washington.

Pangolin trade forces Ghana to look at new wildlife laws

Ghana is facing calls to update its laws on wildlife crime after fears the country has become a transit route for the illegal trade in pangolin scales.

Ghana backpedalling out of banking crisis

Ghana is backpedalling out of a banking crisis as the government takes on debt to save a troubled sector and vows to punish the executives responsible. Early in August, Ghana's central bank revoked the licenses of five local banks and combined them into one -- the newly created state-run Consolidated

Ghana is rolling out a digital address system to help formalize more of its economy

Accra, Ghana Instead of using a church, tree or street stall to locate a home or business in Ghana, the country's government has launched a digital system where every property across the nation has a unique code as its address. The app, GhanaPostGPS, was created and delivered by Accra-based Vokacom.

Hunt for survivors after Ghana goldmine collapse

Rescuers were on Tuesday scrambling to locate survivors after an illegal goldmine collapsed in western Ghana, trapping at least 17 miners underground. The abandoned mine in Prestea-Nsuta, which was more than 80 metres (260 feet) deep, caved in on Sunday afternoon as the miners were coming back to the

Anger in Ghana after seven die in fuel station fire, blasts

Ghana's government on Sunday promised to tighten safety at fuel stations across the country after seven people were killed and scores more injured when a tanker truck carrying natural gas caught fire in the capital and triggered explosions. The fire and blasts in the Legon area of Accra on Saturday

Post-election vigilante violence flares in Ghana

Ghanaians were horrified when members of a vigilante group loosely affiliated with the ruling party stormed a court to free 13 members standing trial for assault late last week. The Delta Force is just one of a handful of groups responsible for commandeering public facilities since New Patriotic Party

All that glitters: Ghana battles illegal mining

Accra (AFP) - Ghana has long been known for its bountiful gold reserves and was called "the Gold Coast" during its colonial era. But illegal mining in Africa's second largest producer is taking a heavy human as well as environmental and economic toll with more than $2 billion lost to the practice last year alone.

Ghana seeks new dawn for struggling power sector

Ghana's new government is looking to fix a crippling power crisis with a complete overhaul of its deficit-ridden energy sector including a boost for solar energy. President Nana Akufo-Addo blames his predecessor John Dramani Mahama whose energy policies, he said last month, had led to "gargantuan

This New App Is Providing Major Hair Inspiration For Black Women

Just as Facebook is synonymous with connecting friends, three West African entrepreneurs want black women across the globe to think Tress as soon as they think of their hair.

Mob justice fears after soldier's gruesome death in Ghana

An off-duty soldier in Ghana who was lynched while out running was laid to rest with full state honours on Friday, in a case that has sparked fears about the "growing menace" of mob justice.

The legacy of Africa's first woman president is as a pioneer-but not of female empowerment

Monrovia, Liberia With fewer than ten days until Liberians go to the polls on Oct. 10, president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is preparing to step down as the first female president elected in Africa. While her actions to restore peace to the fragile nation over the past 12 years have been lauded by many across the...

In a wheelchair, Ghana candidate challenges stereotypes

In a country where disability is still often seen as a punishment from God, one candidate in Ghana's upcoming presidential election is gaining attention. Ivor Greenstreet, the 50-year-old flagbearer for the Convention Peoples' Party (CPP), is the first disabled person to run for the highest

Dredging the drains: the race to stop floods in Accra

The seasonal rains are due in Ghana, and like every year since 2015, when more than 150 people were killed during the deluge, the disaster looms heavily over the capital, Accra. Authorities are scrambling to prevent a similar emergency when the heavens open by clearing silt, rubbish and sludge from

Ghanaians take aim at corruption

Ghana's government is facing growing calls to keep its promises after it won elections on a pledge to stamp out corruption. President Nana Akufo-Addo and his administration have in recent weeks seen protesters take to the streets to raise awareness about the issue. In May, hundreds marched on the

I see a 'very good' chance of winning election, says Ghana's Mahama

06:30 08/12/2016 Bole - Ghana's president John Mahama said he had a "very good" chance of winning Wednesday's presidential poll and dismissed talk of spiralling corruption in the west African country.

Syrian Refugees: Family escapes Syrian war for life in Ghana

Abdul and his wife Ghadeer Badenjki are visiting with their friend and translator Ibrahim Ahmed. Through him, they explain their frustration and heartbreak when they think about their homeland. The have had family and friends killed in the conflict. They don't know where other family members are.

Survivors recount Ghana tree fall tragedy that killed 20

Frank Adansi-Bonnah sat on his bed Monday in the Kintampo Municipal Hospital in central Ghana, his lips covered in bruises and cuts, and his arm in a sling. Eighteen students died at the picturesque spot in the Brong-Ahafo region, some 450 kilometres (281 miles) by road from the capital, Accra.

Ghanaian chef aims to cut food waste and feed the hungry | The National

ACCRA // When it comes to excess and wastefulness, the affluent West is usually the worst offender. But when Elijah Amoo Addo, a trained chef from Ghana, saw a homeless man collecting food scraps in the capital, Accra, he realised his own country was no less guilty. And that got him thinking.

Serial rapist's sentence highlights 'fetid' dance party culture

Mateo Nixon was sentenced to 14 years for sexual offences against six women at dance parties and in homes across the South Island. STACEY KNOTT investigates. The first time P (name legally protected) met Mateo Nixon he raped her. His sentence was a relief for the woman who was assaulted on three separate occasions by Nixon.

Pulse Investigation: Botched Police job frees accused sexual predator in Central Region

Pulse Ghana has been following the case of Efua (name changed to protect her identity) since February of this year. On August 4, at the Ofaakor circuit court near Kasoa, the girl's case was thrown out by Judge Mercy Adei Kotei who blamed the police for not conducting "conclusive investigations".

Family calls for mental health services to take responsibility after man's death

A year since his death, Pamela Holmes still thinks about her younger brother every day. Geoffrey King left Nelson Hospital in the care of its mental health unit on a Saturday. The following Monday, he was dead.

Family vows to keep fighting for medicinal cannabis in Alex Renton's memory

Alex Renton used to be obsessed with the benefits of medicinal cannabis. "He would follow me with his laptop around the lounge, he'd say I want you to read about it," his mum, Rose Renton recalls. Rose and her daughter Jessie read some of what Alex was researching, it was interesting, but wasn't relevant to any of them at that point.

Students feel fooled by 'promises'

Anshul Munjal is an engineering graduate. In Nelson, he is working as a waiter. "This is a very frustrating condition," he says. In Nelson for post-graduate studies and living with other business students from India, he says they were all told by agents they would find work easily here.