'If you complain they see you as evil': Accra's religious noise problem

'One-man churches' armed with loudspeakers proliferate in Ghana's fast-growing capital. But as the city gets noisier, residents are fighting back

The houses that cocoa built

Cover feature for Kin Magazine

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World's largest medical drone delivery network takes flight in Ghana

The largest drone delivery network in the world has been launched in Ghana, which experts say will save lives and transform the developing nation's healthcare sector. The drone network is set to deliver blood, essential medicines and vaccinations across the middle-income, West African country.

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Fertilize by drone, till by text: Making tech work for Africa's farmers

Uber for tractors? That's the premise of TROTRO Tractor, a company in Ghana. And in communities where small farms do most work manually and would struggle to buy their own vehicle, it hopes to be a game changer. Farmers in Africa tend to have access to significantly less mechanized equipment than those elsewhere.

Ghana looks to convert grassroots rugby into global success

Some of the girls wear hijabs, others are barefoot and the sandy pitch is marked out in charcoal. But the 14 players could be Ghana's rugby stars of the future. One of them, Maimuna Dawda, used to watch matches on television before she got the chance to hold the oval...

Ghanaians dream of migrating despite economic optimism

By Stacey Knott, AFP /Dormaa-Ahenkro, Ghana Ernest Owusu wants to get his hands dirty. "I have nothing to work on," the Ghanaian mechanic complains, looking around at his roadside garage which is littered with rusted cars and vans.

One of Africa's most promising cities has a trash problem

Accra, Ghana Ghana is the world's fastest growing economy, with a government set on attracting investment and tourism. But residents of its biggest city, from taxi drivers to academics, are overwhelmed by its state. Accra's gutters are persistently clogged, despite pressure on government and promises in return.

Will Liberia's first democratic transfer of power since 1944 be peaceful?

After months of raucous rallies, campaign promises and talks of new beginnings, Liberia has held a historic election. The polls closed with few reports of violence, counting is nearly complete, and the rumour mill is working overtime on bets for who the winner is.

Turning e-waste into art at Ghana's toxic dump

Joseph Awuah-Darko sits on a stool at one of the world's largest electronic waste dumps, watching polystyrene and insulation cables burn on the blackened ground. Awuah-Darko and his university friends have ambitious plans for the sprawling Agbogbloshie dumping ground in Ghana's capital, Accra

In Ghana, a feminist push for fairer farming

Christabel Afrane holds a plump chicken under her arm as she checks her boxes for eggs. The rest of her Rhode Island Reds cluck at her heels - every turn she makes, they follow. She bought the birds to prove she practices what she preaches to girls in Ghana: that there is money and empowerment in agriculture; and that when a woman succeeds, everyone benefits.

Ghana wakes up to the potential of coffee

The African country is the second largest cocoa exporter in the world, but its coffee production lags behind

In Ghana, the taste for local drinks is gaining momentum.

While commercial beers, imported spirits, and wines can be found at bars, parties, and even funerals across Ghana, taste for local tipples are gaining momentum-in part driven by patriotic pushing for Ghana-made products. Temperatures in the West African country usually sit around 26 to 32 degrees Celsius (80 to 90 Fahrenheit), so a chilled beer to cool off isn't hard to find.

Farmers are the secret ingredient for Ghana's most innovative startups

Accra, Ghana In 2012, Kwami Williams was studying at MIT to become a rocket scientist when he took a trip to his home country of Ghana with some of his classmates. There, he was introduced to the moringa, a sturdy tree dotting impoverished farming communities throughout the country.

The Ghana neighbourhood where boxing is a way of life

Parkins Takyi-Aidoo bobs and weaves around a ragged punch bag, dancing on concrete in a rehearsal for the knockout blow that one day could secure him fame and glory. Ghana has produced seven world champions and most came from Bukom, a poor area where crumbling colonial-era houses stand beside corrugated

'Our food, our stories': bringing west African cuisine to the world

It took a move to the United States from Ghana to convince food entrepreneur Essie Bartels that the world deserved to know more about west African cuisine. Nothing was well-seasoned," Bartels said about her American food experience. "It was literally whiter than white, there was no dry fish

Ghana eyes surfing to boost tourism numbers

Brett Davies paced up and down the sloping sands of Kokrobite beach in Ghana, organising surfers from 20 different countries at his annual international competition. "The greatest thing about surfing in Ghana is that we have uncrowded world-class waves that appeal to the beginner and intermediate

Accra fashion week fights for female empowerment

Reality star Kim Kardashian and singer Rihanna may have popularised the style overseas, but in conservative Ghana, African designers are hoping to use these racy looks to help young women challenge the traditional status quo. "Everyone should be able to express themselves and not be oppressed in

Colonial satire parade still going in Ghana after almost a century

A fancy dress New Year festival that began almost a century ago in Ghana as a searing satire of colonial life is still thriving today, with hundreds of people dressing up and donning masks.

Ghanaian women look to drive stereotypes off the road

Faith Lawson carefully backs a large silver pick-up truck through cones placed on the red soil of a military camp in Ghana's capital, Accra. As she checks her mirrors and slowly reverses, 14 young women standing in military formation look on.

The lonesome life of Africa's atheists

Sunday December 25 2016 96 percent of Ghanaians identified as religious - zero percent identified as atheist. Accordingly, those in this deeply religious west African nation who reject the existence of God can walk a lonely path, facing rejection from family and friends - or even death threats.

Blind Rhythm And The Battle Rapper

Like any young, aspiring rapper, Kennedy Ayikwao oozes confidence. He's not shy to point out he inspires himself; he brags that he will win a national music award for his work within a year. His raps are about his favorite subject: himself. He raps about his life, his struggles, his ambitions, and his love for his art.

In Sierra Leone, the Survivors of Ebola Fight Its Ghost

When the ambulance came for Yusuf Kabba, his family wailed and said their last goodbyes. That ambulance surely meant death. Everyone else it took away never came back. It was October 2014, and Ebola was at its peak in Sierra Leone. he deadly virus shook the West African nation and the world.

Nerve-wracking upside-down flight

MARTIN DE RUYTER/FAIRFAX NZ Nelson-based journalist Stacey Knott nonchalantly takes up an offer to join an air force pilot for a flight and gets more than she bargained for. I'm a shaking, sweating mess. A bit too pale, a bit too quiet but pretending I'm fine and unfazed.

Ghana's local film industry Kumawood is unlike any other

Kumawood movies mostly produced in Kumasi and in Twi, depicts Ghanaian values, traditions and culture. Unlike Ghallywood which is an elite movie industry, Kumawood is loosely scripted and generally low-budget movies.